Now that you are here, you are most likely wondering why you are here and what this web page is about. First off, for those of you who speak Polish, this web page has nothing to do with the making of beer. This will probably make many people sad, but that is how things are. If you need your fix of information on beer, go look at my beer info page, for that is as good as it gets on this site.

Back to the useful information! This web site is my little personal corner of the web, tucked away where I have chosen to stick it for the moment. Do I hear cries of who are you? Well that is easy for me to answer; I am Jeremy Piwowarczyk, a desert dweller and scientist/engineer type from the great state of Arizona. I have this page up so that I can tell all you people out there in the world something about me. Excluding porn, I think this is the general purpose of the internet. If you really do not care to know things about me, then you can find your own way to escape.

What do I do? Well I work in the semiconductor industry as a program manager. This can be best compared to working as a cat hearder.... I think this is enough said on this subject

Outside of that my primary two indoor hobbies are watching movies and playing video games. If you want to see more about my collections of that stuff, head on over to the site navigation on your right. My life gets a bit more interesting when I move into the outdoors. I do enjoy hiking, camping and cycling when I get the chance to. Mostly I like being outside, which is why it is good I live in a warm sunny state. I also am an avid fan of capturing life on film, well a CCD these days, and making pretty photos when I can. This is why I have a nice darkroom out in the garage, which I use every now and then as I actually manage to get time.

The last thing I am really into would be cars, well my 1971 Porsche 914 to be exact. I really do enjoy working on cars and the fun of restoring and maintain my old Porsche. There is more information on my little baby on this page, just have to follow the link to get there. I do not torture this car by driving it all the time, at least anymore, I also own a 2002 Toyota Tacoma for general use and getting me places in the outdoors.

I think that should pretty much cover all the fun and exciting basics of who I am. Drop me a line if you are interested in saying hello, or giving me a better and higher paying job than the one I have currently. Enjoy your daring trip into my world, as it exists on the internet.









































© 2008 Jeremy Piwowarczyk