Individual Movies

Boxed Sets

Here is a list of the DVDs and Blu-Ray discs in my collection, I try to keep this updated as best I can. The main reason I put this up is so that friends and family can see what movies I have, and therefore ask to borrow or watch them. I have tried to split this newer list so that the boxed sets are separate from the individual DVDs, which does not mean the individual ones are just one disc, but that they are one thing on however many discs happen to be in the case. Anyway, please look through if you know me and want to see something. I have put a key on the bottom to sort out the meaning of the letter codes after some of the movies. That is there so that I know what editions of certain things I actually have when looking at the list. Now it is time for us all to party on!

The Key

  • CE - Collector's Edition
  • DCE - Deluxe Collector's Edition
  • DE - Deluxe Edition
  • ED - Extended Edition
  • LE - Limited Edition
  • MS - Mini Series
  • NLP - New Line Platinum
  • SE - Special Edition
  • SigE - Signature Edition
  • UE - Ultimate Edition
  • 007 - James Bond Movie
  • BD - Blu-Ray


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