Stupid and Silly Things


This Page Contains a collection of stupid and silly things that I have run across over the years online. So click on title below to see what odd thing some human being came up with.

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Only Hazardous Materials Data Sheet and Man Needs
The President does not practice the morality he preaches
A childhood icon reduced to a life on the dark side
Your office had this... you would love to go to work
Stupid people and their driver's licenses
You see this more and more these days
I fear for human kind, given we have people this stupid
Fish anyone?
This could be wrong... you decide
An Idiot should not be allowed to run a boat
Why life is the way it is
A man thing
Anyone can go to war these days
Another fallen childhood icon
Cops, this just fits the bill so well
Honest road signs... we need more of them
Genetic engineering gone bad
The story you did not get in Sunday school
This may slow santa down
How many accidents will this cause?
Why reading is bad for relationships
Quality Parking Job
Government logos.... how they should be
Cooked car anyone?
US government goes far far away
No wonder the president can do so much
Frozen Pipes and a Porsche
TV, but is it broadcast
Hehehehehehehehe.... childish and silly.. but still good
I wonder what message the church is trying to get across here
Language often makes things funny for us
End door to door sales at your home
It is sorta silly to have done, yet actually cool to see
My kind of car
OK, this is cute not silly
Getting some tail
Some people are just stupider than they look.
People helping out to save those less fortunate
Interesting new home improvement - 2MB wmv file (may want to right click and save-as before playing)
Hump day, different meanings for different people
Always good to have an air supply
As good of a reason as I can think of.....
Forget Hawian Shirts... Some work places know how to keep people happy on Friday
Girls pay very close attention
A church show that probably should not be missed
A lesson in life that we all should learn

More to come.....



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